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Digital Audio Workstation
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A digital audio workstation is an electronic system designed to record, edit and play back digital audio. A key feature of DAWs is the ability to freely manipulate recorded sounds. Many DAWs, especially computer-based DAWs, have MIDI recording, editing, and playback capabilities. The term "DAW" simply refers to a general combination of audio multitrack software and high-quality audio hardware the latter being a specialized audio converter unit which performs some variety of analog-to-digital and/or digital-to-analog signal conversion. For example, a workstation could have eight discrete audio inputs, and two or more audio outputs for playback monitoring or routing signal to other devices. Systems can have as few as two mono inputs and outputs, the discrete audio inputs and outputs provide for simultaneous multitracking dual mono sources or stereo recording. A professional DAC performs the same function as a common sound card, but is generally of higher quality and offers sonic or functional advantages when compared with its consumer cousin.

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